TaxGuru is a web-based tax service group. All tax return preparation and consulting services are processed online.


Every tax return prepared by TaxGuru will be reviewed and signed by an experienced CPA. As long as all your documents are true and complete, TaxGuru will cover the IRS notice for free. TaxGuru’s professional service will make sure your returns are prepared properly and your tax benefits are maximized.

Add-on Services

Besides tax returns, TaxGuru provides the following value-added services at no additional cost:

  • Secured document transmission

  • 24/7 CPA consulting

  • Year-end/life event tax planning

  • Past year tax returns review

  • Tax return walkthrough

  • Audit protection/Notice reply

Our Specialty

We understand each client has his/her special situation. TaxGuru will walk through all details and make sure your return is filed accurately and completely.

Multi-state filing

If you moved or worked in multiple states, you may need to allocate the income and file a multi-state tax return. TaxGuru can help with allocation calculation and apply non-resident state tax credit.

Self-employed business

TaxGuru can help with sole proprietorship (Schedule C) report, and provide consulting service when planning to incorporate the business.

Non-resident return

Non-resident filers usually are international students/scholars or businessmen. TaxGuru can help to claim tax treaty benefits and tax planning for succeeding year tax status (tax resident or non-resident).


It usually happens when a resident taxpayer turns into a nonresident, or a nonresident becomes a resident. It could be your first/last year in the US, or due to Visa status change. 1040NR and 1040 have different filing standards and TaxGuru could be your great resource to plan accordingly.

US taxpayer working abroad

IRS taxes on US taxpayers’ worldwide income, but allows US taxpayers to exclude foreign earned income (need to meet certain criteria and subject to limit) or use paid/accrued foreign tax as US tax credit.

ESPP/RSU benefit

Most tech companies grant RSU/ESPP as employee benefits to employees. Usually, such benefits should be included in W2, but this is not always the case. Besides, if any RSU was sold for withholding purposes, the taxpayer still needs to report such transactions. TaxGuru can help to reconcile the transactions and make sure all information is properly reported.


Tax report for cryptocurrency could be different. Most investors are trading through brokerage platform which will only provide transaction history. TaxGuru will help to organize all past transactions and report capital gain/loss. If you are a bitcoin miner, the report might be different. Please consult TaxGuru for more details.

Amend a filed return

A filed return is not always correct. You may file a wrong status, like a first-5-year F1 student filed a resident return, or forgot to claim tax treaty; or you did not include depreciation for rental property; or any other reason that your original return was improperly filed. TaxGuru usually conducts a free review for your past returns and can help to amend if anything went wrong before.

Foreign assets/investments/transactions report

All US taxpayers are required to report foreign assets/investments/transactions if the amount is above threshold, such as total value of foreign bank accounts over $10,000, gift from foreign person over $100,000 or $16,388 from foreign corporation/partnership, or invested over $100,000 to foreign business, etc. Information disclosure is usually non-taxable, only income is taxable. However, fine for not properly reporting such information could be material.

Smart Pricing

We customize the pricing for your specific tax situation. You only pay for the tax forms you're filing.

Every return filed with us includes standard add-on services.

Here are a few examples that apply to most of our clients.



  • W2 Only
  • One state included
  • Free extension



  • W2
  • Stock transactions
  • Apply tax treaty
  • Nonresident
  • One state included
  • Free extension



  • W2
  • ESPP disposition
  • Interest income
  • Dividend income
  • Rental property
  • Stock transactions
  • Itemized deduction
  • Daycare expenses
  • One state included
  • Free extension



  • W2
  • Interest income
  • Dividend income
  • Rental property
  • Stock transactions
  • Itemized deduction
  • Foreign income
  • Foreign account
  • One state included
  • Free extension

Disclaimer: The price above is for illustration purposes. For a free and more accurate quote, please log into our client portal and answer the onboarding questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes to get your personalized pricing - instantly after you submit the questionnaire.

Services for Business

Got tax-related questions for your business? We have you covered! Our experts can handle all the heavy lifting and make your life easier.

Start a New Business

  • LLC

  • Corporation

  • S Corporation

  • Partnership

  • Not for Profit

TaxGuru will schedule a call with you to walk through your business type before the registration. We try our best to make sure you have the right business type from the beginning to maximize your tax benefits.

Business Maintenance

  • Payroll and payroll tax

  • Monthly sales tax report

  • Issue W2/1099

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping

  • Tax return preparation and filing

  • IRS/State tax department notice reply

TaxGuru could be your reliable “accounting department” and taking care of all your accounting needs.